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A new project aimed at combating low Falling Numbers

Dr. Amber Hauvermale discusses a new FFAR-funded project aimed at combating low Falling Numbers in wheat.

New Publication Provides Benefits to Pea Weevil Management

With a new WSU Extension publication, producers will benefit from learning how to identify pea weevil, when and how to best sample for it, and…

Getting the Most from On-Farm Trials

Carol McFarland (PNW Farmers' Network) announces the new On-Farm Trials podcast, explains the on-farm experimentation continuum, and discusses how cropping systems co-innovation can bring abundant…

Volunteer Wheat Control

Controlling volunteer wheat is important to minimize the survival of various insects and diseases from one season’s wheat crop to the next.

New grant to help grain farmers find low falling numbers sooner

Washington State University will develop a new test that could save wheat growers millions of dollars thanks to a grant from the Foundation for Food…

A review of new winter wheat varieties for Washington

Dr. Clark Neely summarizes results from 2022-23 new winter wheat variety trials.

Fire Prevention and Safety Tips During Harvest

With harvest happening across much of eastern Washington, WSU Extension's Dale Whaley shares some tips for preventing fires.

Grasshoppers and the Jump to Canola

Grasshoppers have moved into canola fields from nearby maturing wheat fields and are amassing in large numbers.

Step-By-Step Guide for Conducting a Bioassay to Assess Herbicide Carryover Risk

Growers who want to move away from using Beyond in Clearfield wheat after multiple years of using the technology, may want to consider testing for…

From the Field: Video Variety Descriptions for High and Low Rainfall Regions

Videos with winter and spring wheat variety descriptions are available.
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