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A Very Exciting Time for Soil Health with Dr. Tarah Sullivan

We have Dr. Tarah Sullivan back discussing why it's such an exciting time for soil health, soil health awareness, and initiatives in soil health.

Tillering in Wheat with Dr. Kulvinder Gill

Join us as we have Dr. Kulvinder Gill back on to discuss his latest work in tillering in wheat.

Recapping the 2021 Canola Season with Dr. Isaac Madsen

Show Notes & Resources Mentioned: Please note the URL in for the Washington Oilseeds Cropping Systems website is incorrect in the transcription and is linked…

Stubble Height and the Soil Water Story with Dr. Bill Schillinger

We have Bill Schillinger on the WSU Wheat Beat Podcast where he discusses his recent studies on stubble heights and soil water maintenance.

Herbicide Resistance: Group 2 Herbicides with Dr. Ian Burke

In this episode, we have Dr. Ian Burke back on the WSU Wheat Beat podcast where he and Drew Lyon discuss herbicide resistance in Group…

Smooth Scouringrush with Dr. Mark Thorne

We have Dr. Mark Thorne on the podcast today to discuss smooth scouringrush.

Spring Canola for Italian Ryegrass Control with Dr. Isaac Madsen

We have Dr. Isaac Madsen back on the show to discuss spring canola for Italian ryegrass control and his latest work in pea-ola.

Fusarium and Malting Barley with Dr. Shyam Solanki

Join us as we have Dr. Shyam Solanki on the WSU Wheat Beat Podcast to discuss his latest research in fusarium and malting barley.

Barley for Brewing with Bob Brueggeman

We have Bob Brueggeman back on the show to talk about barley for brewing.

The Northwest Sustainable Agro-Ecosystems Research Unit with Dr. Dave Huggins

This week we have Dr. Dave Huggins back on the show to discuss his latest work in the Northwest Sustainable Agro-Ecosystems Research Unit.
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