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One Last Pea-ola Chat with Dr. Isaac Madsen

This week on the podcast we have Dr. Isaac Madsen on for the last time with one last discussion with us about pea-ola.

A Spring Wheat Breeding Program Update with Dr. Mike Pumphrey

We have Dr. Mike Pumphrey back on the podcast with a spring wheat breeding program update.

2022 Winter Wheat Variety Testing Program Results with Dr. Clark Neely

We have Dr. Clark Neely back on the podcast sharing with us the 2022 winter wheat variety testing program results.

Let’s Revisit Stubble Height and The Soil Water Story with Dr. Bill Schillinger

We have Bill Schillinger on the WSU Wheat Beat Podcast where he discusses his recent studies on stubble heights and soil water maintenance.

Crop Modeling & Cover Cropping on the Palouse with Dr. Erin Brooks

Join us as we have Dr. Erin Brooks in the final installment of our three episode series with the University of Idaho in an extended…

Belowground Arthropod Communities & Soil Health with Dane Elmquist

This week we have Dane Elmquist from the University of Idaho on the podcast discussing belowground arthropod communities, soil health, and winter peas.

Replacing Summer Fallow with a Forage Crop with Kendall Kahl

Show Notes & Resources Mentioned: PNW LIT website University of Idaho Soil & Water Systems Department Forage Cover Crops in Dryland Wheat Rotations: Impacts on…

Free Radicals & Drought Tolerance with Dr. Andrei Smertenko

We have Dr. Andrei Smertenko back on the podcast where he and Drew Lyon sit down and discuss his latest research in free radicals and…

Biochar in Wheat Systems in the Pacific Northwest with Dr. Claire Phillips

This week we have Dr. Claire Phillips in her inaugural WSU Wheat Beat podcast episode where she and Drew Lyon discuss biochar in the Pacific…

Stem Rust Research with Arjun Upadhaya

Join us as we have Arjun Upadhaya on the WSU Wheat Beat Podcast where he and Drew Lyon sit down and discuss the latest in…
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