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Using biological characteristics to manage the weed seed bank with Dr. Ian Burke

Management of your weed seed bank is really about understanding the biological characteristics in such a way that it allows you to think critically about…

The night and day differences of smooth scouringrush with Marija Savic

In this episode, Marija Savic discusses her recent research into how application time may affect herbicide efficacy in smooth scouringrush applications.

Research Round Up from the Wilke Farm with Aaron Esser

Hear about the research, rotations, and results at the Wilke Farm from WSU's Aaron Esser.

Organic Matter and Carbon Sequestration in Agricultural Soils with Dr. Doug Collins and Dr. Andrew McGuire

WSU Agricultural and Food Systems students interview Dr. Doug Collins and Dr. Andrew McGuire about organic matter and carbon sequestration in agricultural soils.

The ins, outs, ups, and downs of soil acidity with Dr. Melissa Letourneau

Hear the ins, outs, ups, and downs of soil acidity from guest Dr. Melissa Letourneau with the USDA-ARS Northwest Sustainable Agroecosystems Research team.

Co-learning, Co-innovation Between Research and Greater Ag Communities with Carol McFarland

Hear about co-learning and co-innovation between the research and greater ag communities and how to join the WSU Farmers' Network with guest Carol McFarland.

The costs of overtime rules in agriculture with WTFA President Jon DeVaney

In this episode, AFS 201 students interview Washington State Tree Fruit Association President Jon DeVaney about the impacts new overtime rules will have on agriculture…

Potential Impacts of Microplastics in Agricultural Soils with Dr. Yingxue Yu

Washington State University's Dr. Yingxue Yu explains her research about the potential impacts microplastics may have on agricultural soils.

How Bad is Soil Compaction for Crop Growth? with Natalie Sturm

Listen as Natalie Sturm, WSU Ph.D. student, shares an update about her research into the effects of soil compaction on soil function, and crop growth…

Lessons from Weed Seed Control in Australia with Dr. Michael Walsh

This episode of the Wheat Beat podcast features Dr. Michael Walsh from the University of Western Australia.
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