Agricultural Liming Material Selection and Comparison Calculator
An interactive online platform which can compare up to three liming materials for their relative effectiveness, costs, and economic efficiency.

Lime Requirement Calculator
Functionality: A common buffer tests and base saturation for lime requirement.

Spring Canola Nitrogen Rate Calculator 
Functionality: The Spring Nitrogen Rate Calculator is designed to estimate the amount of N required to grow a desired yield goal. It is important to realize that N is only one of many factors which can affect canola yield. The equations used to create this calculator were derived from experiments conducted in Washington State and published in the Pacific Northwest (Pan et al. 2016).

Wheat Nitrogen Application Calculator
Functionality: Employ the nitrogen fertilizer calculator to calculate the fertilizer nitrogen requirement for a realistic yield goal. If the estimated nitrogen fertilizer rate is less than the historical application rate, then cutting back on nitrogen could be economical.

Post-Harvest Nitrogen Use Efficiency Calculator
 Use the post-harvest calculator to estimate nitrogen use efficiency and the amount of nitrogen left in the field after the last harvest. This information can be verified by comparing the calculated value with the soil test result after the harvest.

Post-Harvest Hard Wheat Performance Evaluation 
Functionality: A post-harvest assessment of grain yield, protein and test weight by field or zone within the field can help you evaluate what went wrong (or right) during the crop year and inform your plans for next year. Post-harvest evaluations can also give you important insights into field conditions such as residual soil nitrogen that may impact the crop next year. Refer to the matrix below of grain yield-grain protein outcomes.

Residue Production Calculator
Crop residue estimates are based on peer-reviewed equations that describe relationships between residue and grain yield for dryland cereal and legume crops grown in the inland Pacific Northwest (iPNW). Although iPNW-calibrated equations are unavailable for rye, triticale, and canola, the Residue Production Calculator estimates residue production based on typical harvest indices for these crops.

Straw Removal Calculator
There are hidden environmental and market condition costs associated with straw removal: learn how this widespread practice might benefit you financially. Straw removal calculator guide

Seeding Rate Converter