Growers who are producing certified organic small grains share their experience. Read their stories to learn more about successful strategies for organic crop production, fertility management, weed control, transition rotations, marketing approaches and more.

Organic Small Grain Production Case Studies

Organic farming can be a challenge anywhere, but the obstacles encountered by Inland Pacific Northwest organic small grain farmers are unique. Their options for managing weeds and soil nutrients are few, and the limitations of the regional climate don’t make things much easier. Nonetheless, organic small grain farmers are out there, and a few are sharing their experience. This publication investigates the farming philosophies and practices of 12 organic small grain producers across Washington, Oregon, and Idaho.

“Feeding the Soil, Not the Plant” The Bob Quinn Family Farm

Bob Quinn has grown certified organic wheat, barley, alfalfa, and other crops for more than twenty years, using cover crops as a keystone for fertility and weed management. Diana Roberts (Former Regional Extension Specialist, WSU) to learn more about cover cropping with sweet clover and Austrian winter pea, weed management with crop competition, alternative marketing strategies, on-farm fuel production and more.