Wheat and Small Grains

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Italian Ryegrass Management in Inland Pacific Northwest Dryland Cropping Systems
Widespread herbicide resistance in Italian ryegrass makes integrated weed management strategies difficult for this problematic weed. Learn about the multiple control methods that can be combined in various ways for wheat-based cropping systems for better long-term control.

Current Wheat Growth FieldCam

Pesticide Labels Are Changing

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) regulates pesticides because their use can affect animals and plants (or their habitat). Farmers and applicators should expect to see some new application requirements on their pesticide labels to comply with the EPA Endangered Species Act.

Field of yellow canola flowers.

The WSDA Natural Resources and Agricultural Sciences unit is seeking information about pesticide usage for winter and spring canola to better inform the EPA when they are making regulations about pesticide usage. No personal information will be collected.

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