Pesticide Labels Are Changing

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) regulates pesticides because their use can affect animals and plants (or their habitat). Farmers and applicators should expect to see some new application requirements on their pesticide labels to comply with the EPA Endangered Species Act.

Disease Updates and Presentations

There are at least a dozen different diseases that affect wheat in the PNW. The first step to managing any disease and implementing a successful integrated pest management (IPM) program is the correct identification of the problem. Tools used to manage diseases in wheat includes chemical strategies, cultural controls, and resistant varieties. This presentation describes several common diseases of wheat in the PNW, some tips on how to correctly diagnose and identify them, along with strategies for managing them. Practical management strategies including cultural and chemical tools, as well as disease resistance of regionally important diseases will be discussed.

Podcast – Disease Resources

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Plant Pest Diagnostic Clinic

Washington State University operates two Plant Pest Diagnostic Clinics, in Puyallup and in Pullman. Services of either clinic are available to clients statewide. For more information, visit our Diagnostic Clinic page.

Research Papers

Find a list of reports on small grain disease control including variety trials, foliar and seed treatment trials.

Report a Disease Sighting

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