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Weeders of the West


Mechanical Weed Control Under the Vine

Vineyard floor management can be divided into two areas, the area under the vine and the area between the rows. Cover crops are often planted between the rows and mowed as needed during the season....

Dry Weather & Herbicide Carryover Concerns

The memories of 2020 would remain with us for years to come. Most of us couldn’t wait for 2020 to come to an end. We were very hopeful that 2021 would be a better year...

Occasional Tillage and Herbicide Resistance

The following article appeared as a Commentary in the Capitol Press earlier this year. Matthew Weaver heard a presentation I gave on herbicide resistance where I mentioned occasional tillage, and he thought the topic would...
Weed-It Precision Sprayer

Precision vs. Uniform Spraying

Continuing with the precision agriculture topic (also known as digital agriculture) that my colleagues have mentioned during the past few weeks, I concur that it offers new possibilities to advance sustainability and efficiency in agriculture.…

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