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Weeders of the West


Pacific Northwest Herbicide Resistance Initiative (PNWHRI) – Take the Problem Weeds Survey!

Good news everyone! Pacific Northwest land grant universities and three regional USDA-ARS units are launching a new Herbicide Resistance Initiative! Our goal is nothing short of creating a coordinated, interdisciplinary, systems-based approach to managing herbicide...

Wild Carrot Control in Non-crop Sites

Wild carrot, or Queen Anne’s lace, is a widespread and difficult to control nuisance weed across most of western Oregon. It is prolific in roadsides, poorly managed pastures, post-harvest forestry sites, and other areas with...

Managing Herbicide Resistance: A Community-Focused Approach

When I arrived on the Palouse in June 2021 to take over for Dr. Katie Dentzman on a project looking at community-based management of herbicide resistance, I didn’t know much about agricultural production, weed ecology...

Herbicide Mixtures for Resistance Management? Well, It Is Complicated!

If you have ever listened to any presentation or read any scientific, extension, or fact sheet on herbicide management, chances are that you would have heard about the use of herbicide mixtures for resistance management.

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