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Weeders of the West

Kochia having survived multiple rounds of glyphosate and developed resistance.

Herbicide Weed Resistance, Robotics, and Artificial Intelligence in Agriculture

Records suggest that humans and weeds have coexisted since the beginning of recorded time. As such, challenges to manage weeds have been a long-standing issue for centuries. Weed control prior to the 1940s involved inorganic...

The Future of Weed Control

What does weed control for agriculture look like in the not-so-distant future? Some are making big bets it will look much more automated. While many are spraying and praying for the next novel active ingredient...

Utilize Non-Volatile Herbicides When Controlling Broadleaf Weeds This Spring

Spring is a critical time to control newly emerging annual broadleaf weeds in a variety of crops. As temperatures increase, so too does the risk of volatile broadleaf herbicides to move off-site after application and...

Managing Herbicide Resistance with Electric Weed Control

Herbicide Resistance has also been a problem in tree nut crops for quite some time. In hazelnuts in Oregon, the most problematic herbicide-resistant weed is Italian ryegrass. Resistance is now confirmed to herbicides in groups...

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