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Weeders of the West


I Can’t Say This Enough!

When it comes to delaying the development of herbicide resistance in weeds, herbicide mixing and rotation our critical. In an earlier blog post titled, “Two Are Better Than One”, I spoke about the strong benefits...

Reminders for Spring Postemergence Herbicide Applications in Wheat for Grass Weed Control

With flooding rains occurring and snow falling in some areas of our region this week, it may be difficult to envision making spring postemergence herbicide applications in wheat. But before you know it, we will...

Tiafenacil, A New Herbicide in Grapes

Tiafenacil (Gamma, Helm Agro) is now labeled in wine grapes in Oregon, Washington, and Idaho.  Tiafenacil is a non-selective postemergence herbicide controlling broadleaves and grasses. It is a new group 14 herbicide, PPO inhibitor, in...

Effects of Herbicide-Resistant Weeds in a Warming Planet

We are going to discuss herbicide resistance in weeds yet again, but with a slight twist! Have you wondered what would be the combined effects of hot, dry weather conditions and herbicide-resistant weeds on crop...

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