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Disease Diagnosis with Rachel Bomberger

Join us as we have Rachel Bomberger on the podcast to discuss disease diagnosing in the PNW.

Drought Tolerance: A Cross-College Collaboration with Tom Sexton

Join us as Drew Lyon invites Tom Sexton on the podcast to discuss the cross-college collaboration about drought tolerance.

Winter Canola, Peas, and Triticale in the Farming System with Dr. Bill Schillinger

Join us as we have Dr. Bill Schillinger on the show to discuss winter canola, triticale, and peas in the farming system.

The Value of Straw with Dr. Dave Huggins

Join us as we have Dave Huggins back to discuss the value of straw in soil health.

Plastics in Soils with Dr. Markus Flury

Join us as Drew Lyon interviews Dr. Markus Flury about the marriage between soil health and plastic science.

Researching the How and Why of Low Falling Numbers with Dr. Ashley Cannon

Join us as we have Ashley Cannon and discuss her new position with the USDA-ARS and her latest research on the how and why of…

2020: A Jekyll and Hyde Year Revisited with Aaron Esser

Join us as we have Aaron Esser back and he and Drew Lyon discuss the Jekyll and Hyde year that has been 2020.

2020 Canola Recap with Isaac Madsen

Drew Lyon has Isaac Madsen on the podcast again to discuss the 2020 recap of canola yields in eastern Washington.

The Legume Variety Testing Program with Sarah Hallyburton

Join us as Drew Lyon invites Master's Student Sarah Hallyburton as they discuss the ins and outs of the organic and non-organic systems in the…

Complex Typography & Weather Forecasts with Dr. Joe Zagrodnik

Drew Lyon invites Dr. Joe Zagrodnik on the podcast as they discuss all things typography, stations, accuracy, and really, all things about the weather, one…
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