2022 Plant Diagnostic Clinic Wrap-up


Planning for the 2023 small grains crop is set to begin. In anticipation of the next season here is an overview of what small grains problems that were diagnosed by the WSU Plant Pest Diagnostic Clinic.

Abiotic issues that were frequently seen were: weather-related, Physiological Leaf Spot, and chemical damage such as potential herbicide damage which can only be confirmed using a certified analytical lab as well as ‘burning’ from fertilizers.

Diseases that were seen were root-based issues and viral. Most of the samples seen this year were soft white winter and spring wheat with a few hard red winter wheats. A few barley samples were submitted (Rhizoctonia root rot) as well.

Diseases Seen on Wheat and Small Grain Samples in 2022:

Field symptoms of yellowing and mosaic of wheat infected with Soilborne Wheat Mosaic Virus.

Cassandra Bates.

For questions or comments, contact Cassandra Bates via email at cass.bates@wsu.edu or contact the Plant Pest Diagnostic Clinic directly via email at plant.clinic@wsu.edu or phone at 509-335-3292.