WSU Variety Testing Program 2022 PNW Crop Tour Schedule


The 2022 crop tour season will soon be starting and provides opportunities to view field trials and interact with Washington State University personnel. The list below provides an outline of when each small grain variety tour will be offered in Washington, Oregon and Northern Idaho. The coordinates listed are for trial locations and may not necessarily be where the event begins. Please check with the contact listed prior to the tour to verify the time, location, and agenda or reach out to your local county wheat growers association or other co-sponsor. Location maps for the WSU Cereal Variety Trials are available online.

We would like to thank the Washington Grain Commission for funding to support the trials and tours as well as the county wheat growers associations and co-sponsors for programs and meals associated with the field days. And lastly, a big thank you to all of the grower cooperators for their time and resources to host the variety trials. We look forward to seeing you in the field!

– Clark Neely, WSU Cereal Variety Testing.

Date Tour Location Time Contact
1-Jun Horse Heaven 46.186670, -119.57510 9:30 AM Clark Neely, 814-571-5628
1-Jun Connell 46.618903, -118.714427 3:00 PM Aaron Esser, 509-659-3210
8-Jun WSU Weed Tour (Pullman) 46.778130, -117.095733 1:00 PM Drew Lyon, 509-335-2961
8-Jun Adams County Crop Tour 47.136808, -118.472107 3:00 PM Aaron Esser, 509-659-3210
10-Jun St. Andrews 47.641876, -119.425695 5:00 PM Dale Whaley, 509-888-6352
14-Jun Pendleton (OSU/ARS) 48037 Tubbs Ranch Rd, Adams OR  97810 8:00 AM Debi Sutor, 541-278-4405
15-Jun Moro (OSU/ARS) 66147 Lone Rock Rd, Moro OR  97039 8:00 AM Debi Sutor, 541-278-4405
15-Jun Moses Lake 3132 Rd O NE, Moses Lake, WA 98837 7:30 AM Andy McGuire, 509-754-2011
15-Jun Harrington 47.400767, -118.400253 1:30 PM Aaron Esser, 509-659-3210
16-Jun Lind Field Day 781 E. Experiment Station Road, Lind, WA 99341 9:00 AM Samantha Crow, 509-677-3671
17-Jun Fairfield 47.412094, -117.041731 7:00 AM Aaron Esser, 509-659-3210
21-Jun Genesee (U of I) TBD TBD Doug Finkelnburg, 208-799-3096
22-Jun W. Wheat Workers Field Tour 48037 Tubbs Ranch Rd, Adams OR  97810 9:00 AM Debi Sutor, 541-278-4405
22-Jun Mayview 46.618062, -117.411032 10:00 AM Mark Heitstuman, 509-243-2009
22-Jun Anatone 46.208208, -117.082124 3:30 PM Mark Heitstuman, 509-243-2009
23-Jun Reardan 47.657434, -117.960768 9:00 AM Aaron Esser, 509-659-3210
23-Jun Almira 47.872277, -118.914958 3:00 PM Aaron Esser, 509-659-3210
23-Jun Lewiston (U of I) TBD TBD Doug Finkelnburg, 208-799-3096
24-Jun St. John 47.083964, -117.517102 10:00 AM Steve Van Vleet, 509-397-6290
24-Jun Lamont 47.116037, -117.824207 2:00 PM Steve Van Vleet, 509-397-6290
27-Jun Eureka** 46.324311, -118.600736 9:00 AM Clark Neely, 814-571-5628
27-Jun Walla Walla** 46.115405, -118.220786 1:00 PM Clark Neely, 814-571-5628
28-Jun Dayton 46.417577, -118.056688 10:00 AM Clark Neely, 814-571-5628
28-Jun Camas Prairie (U of I) TBD TBD Doug Finkelnburg, 208-799-3096
29-Jun Wilke Farm Field Day 47.656322, -118.131796 8:30 AM Aaron Esser, 509-659-3210
29-Jun Farmington 47.029137, -117.060259 10:00 AM Steve Van Vleet, 509-397-6290
30-Jun Pullman/Spillman Farm 46.688636, -117.116519 2:30 PM Clark Neely, 814-571-5628
7-Jul Bickleton 46.026330, -120.273038 1:00 PM Hannah Brause 509-773-5817

**Cooperative trial/tour with OSU

View the 2022 PNW Crop Tour Schedule (pdf) in pdf format. Persons with disabilities who require alternative means for communication or program information or reasonable accommodation need to contact Clark Neely at 814-571-5628 or by email at at least two weeks prior to the event. Extension programs and employment are available to all without discrimination. Evidence of noncompliance may be reported through your local Extension office.