Wheat Academy Resources

Biology and Management of Wireworms in Cereals

David Crowder, WSU Entomologist, and Aaron Esser, WSU Extension Agronomist


Herbicide Injury and Symptomology

Ian Burke, WSU Weed Scientist


Managing Nematodes to Improve Production Efficiency

Richard Smiley, Professor, Oregon State University, Dept. of Botany and Plant Pathology


Soil/Herbicide Interactions:Understanding Herbicide Persistence in the inland PNW

Alan J. Raeder, WSU Dept. of Crop and Soil Sciences, Graduate Research Assistant, PhD Candidate


Transgenic crops: The Methods, Pros and Cons of GMO and Biotechnology

Michael Neff, Professor & Director, WSU Molecular Plant Sciences Graduate Program


Wheat Development and Growth

Ron Rickman, USDA-ARS Emeritus Faculty, and Tami Johlke, USDA-ARS Biological Research Technician


End-use Quality of PNW Wheat

Craig Morris, Director, USDA-ARS Western Wheat Quality Lab, and Doug Engle, USDA-ARS Physical Science Technician


Glyphosate and Wheat: Often Not a Good Mix

Bill Cobb, Cobb Consulting Services


Micronutrient Dynamics in Soils and Plants

Richard Koenig, Professor & Associate Dean and Director, WSU Extension

On-Farm Testing – Solving Problems with a Powerful Tool

Stephen Guy, WSU Extension Agronomist


Soil acidity – It’s not just soil pH

Jim Harsh, Professor & Chair, WSU Crop and Soil Sciences


Virus Diseases of Wheat in the PNW and their Control

Tim Murray, WSU Extension Plant Pathologist

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