Soft White Winter Wheat Two-Gene IMI Wheat

Resilience CL+ is a soft white winter two-gene Imidazolinone tolerant (Clearfield) wheat variety developed and released in 2016 by the Agricultural Research Center of Washington State University. Compared to the single-gene, the two-gene technology provides significantly better tolerance to Imidazolinone group of herbicide imazamox. Resilience CL+ was developed using a marker-assisted background selection approach. Compared to popular wheat varieties including that with Clearfield technology, Resilience CL+ has high yield potential, excellent stripe rust resistance, and strawbreaker foot rot resistance. Resilience CL+ is an ideal variety for the high rainfall region of the Pacific Northwest areas where ORCF102 and SY Ovation are currently grown.


  • Imidazolinone Tolerance is Two-Gene
  • Yield Potential is Very Good – Excellent
  • Test Weight is High
  • Maturity is Medium
  • Height is Medium
  • Quality is Desirable

Disease Resistance

Resilience CL+ Soft White Winter Wheat

Three-Year Variety Testing Data from 2017-2019*

>20″ Yield (BU/A)Test Weight (LBS/BU)Protein (%)
Resilience CL+11060.710.2
SY Ovation11260.09.8
UI Magic CL+11361.310.2
OR2X2 CL+10160.410.8
LSD (0.05)30.30.2

20″ Precip Zone (Colton, Fairfield, Farmington, and Pullman), 2017–2019, 11 loc/years

*Data was not available for Farmington, 2017 for the analysis


For seed inquiries please call Washington Genetics at 509-659-4020 or contact your local seed dealer.

U.S. Plant Variety Protection status for this cultivar is approved. Signed grower agreements are required

View WSU Variety Resilience CL+ (pdf) in pdf format.

Intended Production Area >20″ Annual Precipitation

Map of Pacific Northwest indicating where this variety is favorable.