Soft White Winter Wheat

Jasper (WA8169) is a soft white winter wheat developed and released in 2014 by the Agricultural Research Center of Washington State University. Jasper is named after the first wheat breeder at WSU, William Jasper Spillman, and is the 100th release from WSU. Jasper provides a combination of excellent yield potential, great end-use quality, and good disease resistance for many production regions of the inland Pacific Northwest. Jasper is broadly adapted to many dryland and irrigated areas in the states of Washington and Idaho and has maintained high yield potential across locations and years.


  • Yield Potential is Excellent
  • Protein is Good
  • Test Weight is Low
  • Maturity is Average
  • Height is Medium
  • Quality is Desirable

Disease Resistance

Bred to Dominate the Field

Three-Year Variety Testing Data 2014-15 & 2017

16”-20” Yield (BU/A)>20” Yield (BU/A)Test Weight (LBS/BU)Protein (%)
SY Ovation969959.910.9
UI-WSU Huffman9210558.910.9
WB 5289210260.911.2
LSD (0.05)

16″–20″ Precip (Dayton, Mayview, St. John, Walla Walla) 2014–2015 & 2017, (Reardan) 2014–2015, 14 loc/years

>20″ Precip (Colton, Fairfield, Pullman) 2014–2015 & 2017, (Farmington) 2014, 10 loc/years


Foundation seed of Jasper is maintained by the Washington State Crop Improvement Association. For variety inquiries please contact Washington Genetics or (509) 659-4020. U.S. Plant Variety Protection status for Jasper was issued in 2017.

View WSU Variety Jasper in pdf format (pdf).

Intended Production Area

Intended production area for Jasper.

Support for the development of this variety was provided by Washington State University, the USDA, and the Washington Grain Commission. For more information please visit WSU Small Grains.