Results of the 2014 Survey of Northwestern Organic Producers

Organic small grains farmers have lamented the lack of information available on organic management of weeds and soil fertility. “My experience, once we went organic we basically fell off the radar of all local agronomists or their employees,” one grower in Oregon said, when asked about the availability of information for organic growers in the Northwest. In order for university researchers to gain a better understanding of the challenges, management practices, and research needs associated with organic small grains producers in the inland Northwest, we conducted a survey of all organic grain and livestock producers in Idaho, Montana, Oregon, Utah, and Washington. The results of this survey can spur interest in organic grains research among university researchers and Extension agents and help them to identify research projects, all with the aim of increasing the productivity of organic production in the inland Northwest

Find a summary of the survey results (updated on 10/07/2015) here: Executive Summary 2014 Survey.