Nitrogen Management Starts at Harvest Time


Now that the 2020 harvest is wrapped up, it’s a great time to review and assess your fertilizer program across the farm. We have a Post-Harvest Nitrogen Efficiency Calculator that, with a few pieces of information that includes yield, grain protein, nitrogen applied, and test soil nitrogen supply (soil sample data), provide you with information to assess and improve your nutrient program moving forward.

At the WSU Wilke Farm, we harvested a field of Resilience CL+ soft white winter wheat and the input and output are provided in the figure below. Things to take note are the nitrogen uptake efficiency is above 50% which is good, but also note it’s predicted there will only be 44 lbs. N/acre available for next year. Overall, we applied 106-10-0-7 and removed 110-50-35-13.

Post-harvest nitrogen efficiency calculator.

Aaron Esser

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