New Publication Provides Benefits to Pea Weevil Management

Pea weevils on pea plants.

Crop rotation is a way to manage both insects and diseases while improving the overall soil health, i.e., reduced erosion, compaction, increased nutrients, etc. Unfortunately, some of the crops that producers choose to plant have insect and disease problems of their own, especially if they have been grown frequently in any given area. Winter peas are no exception. The pea weevil, Bruchus pisorum (L.), is widespread across much of the pea-growing region in eastern Washington and has significantly reduced yields in certain areas. With its ability to destroy 50% of crop yield, it has been deemed one of the most destructive pests to peas.

For information about how to identify and successfully manage pea weevil, a new WSU Extension Fact Sheet (Pea Weevil Management in Winter Peas FS382E) has been published. Information about other insect pests can be found on the WSU Wheat and Small Grains website.

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