From the Field: Douglas County snow mold

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Here’s information from my trip to Douglas County the week of April 22, 2023.

As anticipated, snow mold damage was severe in many cases in the area. Trials planted by Dr. Carter’s program specifically for snow mold notes were so severe there were no differences to rate at this time. Another trip for ratings will be taken in May to assess regrowth on some of the most tolerant entries, which are anticipated to show at least some regrowth. Snow mold pressure on the variety trial itself was at a level that demonstrated varietal differences nicely. Ratings ranged from a “2” for Mela CL+ to a “9” for a number of experimental lines along with released varieties Appleby CL+ and LCS Jefe. Ratings (1=no damage; 9=100% dead plants) taken matched up very well with current ratings posted online (PDF).

Below are select photos from the trial highlighting some of the stark contrasts among the varieties.

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