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New Directions for the Barley Breeding Program with Bob Brueggeman

Join us as Drew Lyon interview Bob Brueggeman about his return to WSU and the new directions he'd like to take the barley breeding program.

Taking Over the Variety Testing Program with Dr. Clark Neely

Join us as Drew Lyon interviews Dr. Clark Neely about his latest adventure in taking over the WSU Variety Selection & Testing Program.

Haly’s Homecoming Podcast with Dr. Haly Neely

Join us as Drew Lyon interviews returned Cougar Haly Neely about her new position as Assistant Professor in the Department of Crop & Soil Sciences…

Taking on Washington Oilseeds Cropping Systems with Isaac Madsen

Drew Lyon interviews Isaac Madsen about his new position as the Extension Oilseed Agronomist.

Nitrogen Use Efficiency in Winter Canola with Haiying Tao

Join us as Drew Lyon and Dr. Haiying Tao go through all of the ins and outs of nitrogen use efficiency in winter canola.

Recollections of Running the Variety Testing Program with Aaron Esser

We have Aaron Esser back again and this time he recollects his time running the WSU Variety Testing Program.

Spring Wheat Development with Mike Pumphrey

Join us as Drew Lyon and Mike Pumphrey as they walk us through the development of spring wheat.

Exploring the Topic of Nematodes with Cynthia Gleason and Rachel Bomberger

Join Drew Lyon, Cynthia Gleason, and Rachel Bomberger as they explore the topic of nematodes in PNW wheat and small grain fields.

Telling the Wheat Story with Scott Yates

In this episode, Drew Lyon interviews fellow podcaster Scott Yates from the Washington Grain Commission about the wheat story.

Researching Aphid Outbreaks on the Palouse with Dr. Rob Clark

In this episode of the WSU Wheat Beat podcast, we interview Dr. Rob Clark about his research in aphid outbreaks on the Palouse.
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