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Genomic Selection in Wheat with Lance Merrick

Drew Lyon interviews WSU Ph.D. student Lance Merrick about his recent work with genomic selection in wheat.

Cereal Variety Testing Program Updates with Clark Neely

In this episode, Clark Nelly is back on the Wheat Beat podcast talking about updates to the Variety Testing Program at WSU.

As the Plunger Falls: More on Low Falling Numbers with Kim Garland-Campbell & Camille Steber

Join us for more discussion with Camille Steber and Kim Garland-Campbell about low falling numbers & LMA.

As the Plunger Falls: A Discussion on Low Falling Numbers with Kim Garland-Campbell and Camille Steber

Join us as we have Camille Steber and Kim Garland-Campbell from the USDA-ARS in the first of two parts about LMA, preharvest sprouting, and alpha-amylase.

Understanding Autophagy in Wheat with Dr. Andrei Smertenko

In this episode, Drew Lyon interviews Dr. Andrei Smertenko about his recent work in autography.

What’s Happening at AgWeatherNet with David Brown

Drew Lyon sits down with David Brown, director of the WSU AgWeatherNet, where they talk about what's been happening since Dave took over as director…

Soils as an Instrument for Managing Climate Change with Dr. Rattan Lal, Ohio State University

We had the privilege of interviewing Dr. Rattan Lal of Ohio State University about how soils can be an instrument for managing climate change.

A Community Approach to Herbicide Resistant Weeds with Dr. Katie Dentzman

In this episode of the WSU Wheat Beat podcast, join us as Drew Lyon interviews Dr. Katie Dentzman about herbicide-resistant weeds and how your weeds…

Glyphosate-resistant Downy Brome with Ian Burke

Drew Lyon interviews Dr. Ian Burke about the ins and outs of glyphosate-resistant downy brome.

New Directions for the Barley Breeding Program with Bob Brueggeman

Join us as Drew Lyon interview Bob Brueggeman about his return to WSU and the new directions he'd like to take the barley breeding program.
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