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Talking Heat Resilience in Wheat & Rice with Argelia Lorence

Join us as Drew Lyon interviews Arkansas State University's Argelia Lorence about her work with the Wheat and Rice Center for Heat Resilience.

A Partnership: UAVs and Wheat Breeding with Arron Carter and Lav Khot

This week Drew Lyon interviews Arron Carter and Lav Khot about their partnership with UAVs and wheat breeding.

Australian Innovation in Weed Control with Caleb Squires & Guy Coleman

Join Drew Lyon as he interviews Caleb Squires and Guy Coleman about the innovations in weed control in Australia.

The Infinitely Deep Soils Myth of the Palouse with Rachel Breslauer

In this episode of the WSU Wheat Beat podcast Drew Lyon interviews Rachel Breslauer, a recent graduate with her Master's degree in Soil Science at…

A Beer Can Height: A Closer Look at Australian Harvest Weed Seed Control with Daniel Fox

Join Drew Lyon as he interviews a local Australian grower about their methods in harvest weed seed control.

A Mixed Bag for Stripe Rust & Eyespot with Tim Murray

Join us in this weeks episode of the WSU Wheat Beat podcast as we interview Dr. Tim Murray from the Small Grains team about stripe…

Australian Weed Seed Control with Michael Walsh

Prior to his seven-week stay in Australia, Drew Lyon interviewed Michael Walsh about Australian weed seed control.

Wheat Quality Development in the Western Wheat Quality Lab with Doug Engle

Drew Lyon interviews Doug Engle from the USDA-ARS who works, for the time being, at the Western Wheat Quality Lab. Join us as we interview…

How Mice Contribute to Wheat Flavors with Alecia Kiszonas

In this episode of the WSU Wheat Beat podcast, Drew Lyon interviews Alecia Kiszonas about how mice contribute to wheat flavors and the Denver Museum…

A Day in the Life of a Plant Diagnostician with Rachel Bomberger

Join Drew Lyon as he interviews plant diagnostician Rachel Bomberger thought the ins and outs of diagnosing a plant sample in the WSU Plant Pest…
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