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Wheat & Small Grains February 2018

New Extension Publication on Managing Mustards in Wheat is Now Available

Mustard species are commonly found infesting winter wheat fields in eastern Washington. A new PNW Extension publication, PNW703: Integrated Management of Mustard Species in Wheat Production Systems, discusses how to identify and control three of the most common mustard species infesting wheat in the region: blue mustard, flixweed, and tumble mustard. Mustards can cause severe… » More ...

Mild Winter Weather and Wheat Diseases – What to Expect?

Last year at this time, we were wondering whether winter was ever going to end. Remember the 60+ days of snow cover that began in early December 2016 and lasted into February 2017 and beyond?  In stark contrast, the winter of 2017-18 is turning out to be a no-show. It’s 50°F outside in Pullman today… » More ...
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