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Hard Red Winter Wheat

Scorpio is a hard red winter wheat developed and released in 2019 by the Agricultural Research Center of Washington State University. Scorpio is well adapted across the >15″ rainfall zones of the Pacific Northwest. It has very high yield potential, high test weight, and very good protein content. Scorpio has excellent adult plant resistance to stripe rust, is tolerant of low pH soils, and has Hessian fly resistance. The end-use quality of Scorpio is also very good, meeting the standards of both domestic and export markets.


Yield Potential is Excellent

Protein is Very Good

Test Weight is High

Maturity is Medium

Height is Short

Quality is Desirable

Disease Resistance

Stripe Rust is Excellent Adult Resistance

Strawbreaker Foot Rot is Susceptible

Aluminum Tolerance is Excellent

Winter Hardiness is Very Good

Hessian Fly is Resistant

Three-Year Variety Testing Data from 2017-2019


LSD (0.05)









Variety >16″ Yield (BU/A) Test Weight (LBS/BU) Protein (%) Plant Height (inches)
Scorpio 111 61.8 11.4 34
LCS Jet 115 62.8 11.2 35
SY Touchstone 107 63.4 11.6 34
Keldin 108 63.2 11.2 37
LCS Rocket 117 61.2 10.6 34

>16″ Precip Zone (Dayton, Walla Walla, Pullman), 2017-2019, (Eureka), 2018-2019 11 loc/years


For seed inquiries please call Washington Genetics at (509)-659-4020 or contact your local seed dealer.

U.S. Plant Variety Protection status for this cultivar is pending.

Signed grower agreements are required.

View WSU Variety Scorpio in pdf format (pdf).

Intended Production Area

Scorpio variety intended production area.

Washington State University