Spring Barley

Muir is a two-row spring feed barley developed by the Agricultural Research Center of Washington State University. Muir is named in honor of Carl Muir, a former graduate student of Orville Vogel and a long-time field supervisor with the WSU Barley Breeding Program.

Muir is a high yielding variety adapted to low to intermediate rainfall zones of the Palouse. Muir provides an excellent multi-disease resistance package, has reliably plump kernels and high protein, and performs well in low-input and organic systems.


  • Yield Potential is Excellent in All Rainfall Zones
  • Test Weight is Average
  • Protein is Above Average
  • Plump Kernels is Excellent
  • Height is Shorter than Average
  • Maturity is Medium-Early

Disease Resistance

  • Leaf Rust is Excellent
  • Stripe Rust is Excellent High-Temperature, Adult Plant Resistance
  • Powdery Mildew is Resistant

Six-Year WSU Variety Testing Data 2014-2019

Annual PrecipitationVarietyYield (LBS/A)Test WT (LBS/BU)Protein (%)
16″-20″LCS Vespa430152.212.2
16″-20″LCS Odyssey422851.411.9
16″-20″LCS Genie413752.411.9
16″-20″CDC Copeland370750.012.3
16″-20″C.V. %81.45.1
16″-20″LSD (0.05)1170.30.0
> 20″Lenetah511352.810.8
> 20″LCS Vespa490851.411.1
> 20″LCS Odyssey497850.910.7
> 20″Lyon495951.910.9
> 20″Champion498453.510.9
> 20″LCS Genie500351.910.8
> 20″Muir495552.211.1
> 20″CDC Copeland457750.511.0
> 20″C.V. %102.15.7
> 20″LSD (0.05)1730.40.2

16-20″ Precip Zone (Dayton, Mayview, St. John, Walla Walla), 2014-2019, 21 loc/years

>20″ Precip Zone (Fairfield, Farmington, Palouse, Pullman) 2014-2019, loc/years


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Signed grower agreements are required.

View Variety Muir in pdf format (pdf).

Dryland Grain Production Area

Map of Pacific Northwest indicating where this variety is favorable.