Clearfield Spring Club Wheat

Hedge CL+ is a JD spring club wheat replacement with two-gene tolerance to Beyond™ herbicide for use in rotation in Clearfield™ production systems in dryland production zones of the Pacific Northwest. It has a yield record superior to JD, with excellent resistance to stripe rust, excellent test weight, high falling numbers, and the most desirable end-use quality. Tolerance to Group II herbicide soil carryover in Pacific Northwest production is of broad importance in Eastern Washington and Northern Idaho. Hedge CL+ provides an alternative to WB-1035CL+ and other soft spring wheat varieties and is particularly well-suited to low rainfall production areas where JD is also grown.


  • Yield Potential is Very Good
  • Test Weight is Excellent
  • Protein is Same as JD
  • Maturity is Medium-Later
  • Height is Same as JD
  • Quality is Most Desirable
  • Straw Strength is Same as JD

Disease Resistance

Two-Year Variety Testing Data

Variety16-20″ Yield (BU/A)<12″ Yield (BU/A)Test Weight (LBS/BU)Protein (%)
AP Mondovi CL2682960.312.0
Melba (club)743760.610.3
Hedge CL+ (club)713461.511.3
JD (club)693361.411.0
LSD (0.05)210.30.2

16-20″ Precip (Dayton, Mayview, Plaza, St. John, Walla Walla), 2018–2019, 10 loc/years

12″–16″ Precip (Almira, Endicott, Lamont, Reardan) 2018–2019, 8 loc/years


For seed inquiries please call Washington Genetics at 509-659-4020 or contact your local seed dealer.

U.S. Plant Variety Protection status for this cultivar is pending. Signed grower agreements are required.

View Hedge CL+ in pdf format (pdf).

Dryland Wheat Areas <18″ Annual Precipitation

Dryland Wheat Areas in Pacific Northwest.