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Hedge CL+

Clearfield Spring Club Wheat

Hedge CL+ is a JD spring club wheat replacement with two-gene tolerance to Beyond™ herbicide for use in rotation in Clearfield™ production systems in dryland production zones of the Pacific Northwest. It has a yield record superior to JD, with excellent resistance to stripe rust, excellent test weight, high falling numbers, and the most desirable end-use quality. Tolerance to Group II herbicide soil carryover in Pacific Northwest production is of broad importance in Eastern Washington and Northern Idaho. Hedge CL+ provides an alternative to WB-1035CL+ and other soft spring wheat varieties and is particularly well-suited to low rainfall production areas where JD is also grown.


Yield Potential is Very Good

Test Weight is Excellent

Protein is Same as JD

Maturity is Medium-Later

Height is Same as JD

Quality is Most Desirable

Straw Strength is Same as JD

Disease Resistance

Stripe Rust is Excellent

Hessian Fly is Susceptible

Aluminum Tolerance is Intermediate

Two-Year Variety Testing Data


LSD (0.05)









Variety 16-20″ Yield (BU/A) <12″ Yield (BU/A) Test Weight (LBS/BU) Protein (%)
AP Mondovi CL2 68 29 60.3 12.0
Melba (club) 74 37 60.6 10.3
Louise 78 35 60.3 10.4
Tekoa 78 34 61.6 10.3
Hedge CL+ (club) 71 34 61.5 11.3
JD (club) 69 33 61.4 11.0
WB-1035CL+ 66 32 59.7 11.8
WB6121 69 32 61.4 11.7

16-20″ Precip (Dayton, Mayview, Plaza, St. John, Walla Walla), 2018–2019, 10 loc/years

12″–16″ Precip (Almira, Endicott, Lamont, Reardan) 2018–2019, 8 loc/years


For seed inquiries please call Washington Genetics at (509)-659-4020 or contact your local seed dealer.

U.S. Plant Variety Protection status for this cultivar is pending. Signed grower agreements are required.

View Hedge CL+ in pdf format (pdf).

Dryland Wheat Areas <18″ Annual Precipitation

Dryland Wheat Areas <18" Annual Precipitation for Hedge CL+ spring club variety.

Washington State University