Spring Barley

Havener is a two-row, hulless, spring food barley developed by the Agricultural Research Center of Washington State University. Havener is named in honor of Robert and Elizabeth Havener, longtime champions in the effort to eradicate hunger and malnutrition worldwide. Havener, developed specifically for human consumption, contains 50 to 75% higher β-glucan (a heart-healthy soluble dietary fiber) than common Washington-grown varieties Lyon, Muir, Champion, Bob and Baronesse. Havener has higher yields and test weights across all eastern Washington rainfall zones than the hulless variety Meresse.

Agronomics for Hulless Food Market Class

  • Yield Potential is Excellent
  • Test Weight is Excellent
  • Protein is Average
  • Height is Medium
  • Maturity is Medium

Disease Resistance

Leaf Rust is Moderately Susceptible, similar to Meresse.

Three-Year WSU Variety Testing Data 2017-2019

Annual PrecipitationVarietyBeta Glucan* (%)Yield (BU/A)Test WT (LBS/BU)Protein (%)
16″-20″LCS Vespa3.9454152.711.5
16″-20″CDC Copeland3.9459854.611.1
16″-20″LCS Genie3.4442152.911.0
16″-20″LCS Odyssey3.3439651.811.1
16″-20″C.V. %NA81.34.9
16″-20″LSD (0.05)NA1740.30.2
> 20″Havener6.3406359.712.2
> 20″Lyon4.3489852.010.1
> 20″Lenetah4.2500653.29.9
> 20″Muir3.9495252.510.0
> 20″LCS Vespa4.2476051.610.4
> 20″CDC Copeland3.6435250.410.4
> 20″Champion3.7476353.69.9
> 20″LCS Genie3.8484652.210.2
> 20″LCS Odyssey3.9488551.010.0
> 20″C.V. %NA102.05.6
> 20″LSD (0.05)NA2280.50.3

16″ – 20″ Precip Zone (Dayton, Mayview, St. John, Walla) 2017-2018, 6 loc/years.

>20″ Precip Zone (Fairfield, Farmington, Palouse, Pullman) 2017-2018, 8 loc/years.

*Beta glucan (Dayton, Mayview) 2017-2018, 4 loc/years.

**Beta glucan (Fairfield, Farmington, Palouse) 2017-2018, 6 loc/years.


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Dryland Grain Production Area

Dryland production area for Haverner.