Soft White Club Wheat

Castella is a tall, awnless soft white club wheat, developed by the USDA-ARS and WSU from a diverse pedigree. Castella combines better stripe rust resistance than ARS Crescent with better test weight and higher grain yields than Bruehl. Castella has good club wheat quality, high test weight, and good resistance to low falling numbers, similar to ARS Crescent. Castella is earlier maturing than other current club wheat cultivars and combines unique resistance to Hessian Fly with aluminum tolerance. Castella is competitive in central WA where early maturity is an advantage.


  • Yield Potential is Excellent
  • Protein is Good
  • Test Weight is Medium
  • Maturity is Moderately early
  • Height is Tall for Semi-dwarf
  • Quality is Excellent

Disease Resistance

Four-Year Variety Testing Data from 2016-2019

*Club type
<12″ Yield (BU/A)12-16″ Yield (BU/A)16-20″ Yield (BU/A)>20″ Yield (BU/A)Test Weight (LBS/BU)Protein (%)
ARS Cresent*6110311112358.710.4
Norwest Duet659311712559.510.6
LSD (0.05)36990.30.1

<12″ Precip Zone (Connell, Harrington, Horse Heaven, Lind, Ritzville, St. Andrews), 2016-2019

12-16″ Precip Zone (Almira, Anatone, Creston, Dusty, Lamont, Reardan), 2016-2019

16-20″ Precip Zone (Dayton, Mayview, St. John, Walla Walla), 2016-2019

>20″ Precip Zone (Colton, Fairfield, Farmington, Pullman), 2016-2019


For seed inquiries please call Washington Genetics at 509-659-4020 or contact your local seed dealer.

U.S. Plant Variety Protection status for this cultivar is pending.

Signed grower agreements are required.

View WSU Variety Castella in pdf format (pdf).

Dryland Wheat Areas <15″ Annual Precipitation

Map of area in Washington state where this variety can be planted.