Submitting a sample to the WSU Resistance Testing Program is easy. The best approach is to put a few coin envelopes (size A4 is best) in the combine or your scouting rig. The amount of seed required for testing varies for each species – we need several hundred seeds if possible. Put this envelope in another envelope or a small box for mailing and do not use plastic bags.

Make sure the sampling occurs across the area of interest, not just at one spot. If you are interested in the entire field you need to sample the entire field. If you are looking at a small patch, sample throughout that area. Print out a submission form and include it with the sample. If you include an email, you’ll receive updates including confirmation of receipt.

Send in those samples!

Additional questions can be directed to Ian Burke, WSU weed scientist. He can be reached at 509-335-2858 or

A4 envelope and pile of downy brome seed.
A sufficient quantity of downy brome seed for testing next to the A4 envelope used to submit the sample