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Hooked on Falling Numbers with Dr. Camille Steber

We have Dr. Camille Steber back on the WSU Wheat Beat podcast discussing how she's hooked on falling numbers.

Sensors & Remote Sensing in Agriculture with Dr. Joaquin Casanova

Join us as we have Dr. Joaquin Casanova in his inaugural Wheat Beat Podcast episode as he and Drew Lyon discuss his new position and…

An Update on the Pulse Variety Testing Program with Steve Van Vleet

Join us as we sit down with Steve Van Vleet with an update on the WSU Pulse Variety Testing Program.

A Spring Update from the Variety Testing Program with Dr. Clark Neely

We have Dr. Clark Neely back to catch us up with a spring update from the WSU Variety Testing program.

Introducing Dr. Garett Heineck, USDA-ARS

In this episode we are introducing Dr. Garett Heineck USDA-ARS.

What’s Been Happening at the WSU Wilke Farm with Aaron Esser

We have Aaron Esser back on the show! Join us as he and Drew Lyon sit down and chat about what's been happening at the…

The Soil Health Roadmap with Chris Benedict

This week we have Chris Benedict on the podcast discussing the soil health initiative roadmap.

The Soil Health Initiative is Born with Chad Kruger

We have Chad Kruger on the WSU Wheat Beat podcast where he and Drew Lyon go further into how the Soil Health Initiative has been…

A Tough Year for Spring Wheat with Dr. Mike Pumphrey

This week we have Mike Pumphrey back on the podcast where he and Drew dive into how it was a tough year for spring wheat…

The Best of Conditions & the Worst of Conditions for the WSU Breeding Program with Dr. Arron Carter

We have Dr. Arron Carter back on the show discussing how the 2020/2021 crop years provided the best and worst conditions for the WSU Breeding…
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