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New Herbicide Resistance Resources

Posted by jenna.osiensky | May 30, 2024

Contributed by Drew Lyon, Endowed Chair, Small Grains Extension and Research, Weed Science, Washington State University

Herbicides are an important tool for the management of weeds in crops but an overreliance on herbicides for weed management has accelerated the development of herbicide-resistant weed biotypes. Staying ahead of the biology of herbicide resistance requires a sound understanding of the process and the other tools that are available to manage weeds. To help, we recently added several new resources on the WSU Wheat and Small Grains website about the ever-evolving topic of herbicide resistance. You may want to check them out:

  1. A WSU Wheat Beat Podcast episode, “Crossing the Boundaries of Herbicide Resistance” with Drs. Ian Burke and Nick Bergmann, highlights the role of social science in tackling the problem of herbicide resistance. In their conversation with me, they share how social scientists can facilitate more meaningful discussion between growers, scientists, and government agencies to identify possible solutions for managing herbicide resistance. Listen to the podcast and share your thoughts on the approach they discuss.
  2. Ian Burke and Drew Lyon are members of the GROW (Getting Rid of Weeds) network, a network of weed scientists from across the U.S. focused on herbicide resistance management. GROW just published a new page about the Basics of Herbicide Resistance. The page covers how herbicide resistance develops, how to identify herbicide resistance, and what future threats might be evolving, such as metabolic resistance. The information on this page provides a strong foundation for understanding herbicide resistance. We welcome your thoughts on the page, including what additional information you would like to see on the topic.
  3. Italian ryegrass is the poster child for herbicide resistance in the inland PNW. Several PNW colleagues and I just published PNW778, Italian Ryegrass Management in Inland Pacific Northwest Dryland Cropping Systems. If Italian ryegrass plagues your farming operation, or you just want to learn more about this particularly adaptable weed, download a free copy of the publication for your library, and let us know if you find the information helpful.

The problems created by herbicide resistance will likely get worse as we rely more on a fewer number of still effective herbicides to manage troublesome weeds. To stay up-to-date on the latest resources, visit Herbicide Resistance Resources regularly, and please let us know what additional information you are looking for. Thanks!

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