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Weeders of the West

Combine harvesting impact mills in Australia.

A Potential Tool to Control Herbicide Resistant Weeds During Harvest?

Harvest weed seed control (HWSC) is an innovative, non-chemical tool that has proved successful in Australia to control herbicide-resistant weeds. HWSC takes advantage of weed seed retention at crop maturity to control the harvested weed...

Community Management of Herbicide Resistant Weeds – An Update

Herbicide resistance can be difficult—or impossible!—to manage alone, not the least because weeds are pesky in their ability to spread from farm to farm. Based on this simple concept, along with a lot of less-simple...

A Picture Worth a Thousand Words

June 22, 2020 was a beautiful day to take a walk across the WSU Wilke Research and Extension Farm near Davenport, Washington, and scout for weeds, take notes, and take some pictures of the farm...

Herbicide Resistance: Looking Back and Forward

As I watch the snow falling outside my basement window – COVID-19 has driven me from my university office to my basement – I find myself not only reflecting back on the 2020 crop season...

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