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Seeking: Organic Straw Bales for Straw Bale House

Posted by Blythe Howell | June 3, 2020


200 Bales of organic straw bales by August 2020.

Conditions Seeking:

  • Organic straw bales that are good for construction of a straw bale house, preferably that hasn’t been sprayed with any fertilizers.
  • At least 6″ long but preferably 12-18″ long
  • Virtually no seed heads, no leaves, no flowers
  • The bales need to be uniform in size-all pretty much the same height, width, and depth. No missing corners, no curved edges
  • Bale size more than 2x long as they are wide. 41” long average is good
  • Well compacted with tight strings so that if you shake it around it won’t deform. Baler set to make compression and weighing around 35-55 lbs
  • Moisture below 20%, 10% is ideal
  • Strings around 4” from the edge of the bale and not sliding off edges
  • Stored dry and with good ventilation or fresh cut.


Rachel Bontje
Location: Priest River, Idaho

One thought on "Seeking: Organic Straw Bales for Straw Bale House"

  1. Greg Rossel says:

    I’m looking for the same. I am building a small straw bale building. I am currently in priest river id. If you dont mind, can you please call me at 9097472386.

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