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Cereal Pest Photos Needed!

Posted by Blythe Howell | September 15, 2021

The University of Idaho needs our help!

Researchers with the Department of Entomology are working on USDA-funded project titled “Harnessing artificial intelligence for implementing integrated pest management in small-grain production systems”. The project goal is to develop a Cereal Pest Aid system that will automatically identify both pest insects and beneficial insects in wheat and other crops based on images submitted by individual’s cellphone. To successfully develop the program, they need your help in collecting large numbers of both pest and beneficial insect photographs observed in cereal cropping systems throughout the region.

The following are tips directly from their website for taking the best possible images.

The photos taken by you will be uploaded to help train the computer system to generate the most accurate identification of unknown samples. Your uploaded photos will be acknowledged in the final product.

Additional information about the project and where to upload your photos can be found at the Cereal Pest Aid website.

For questions or comments regarding this post, contact Dale Whaley at

For questions or comments regarding the Cereal Pest Aid, contact the University of Idaho’s Sanford Eigenbrode at

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