WSU-WOCS Canola Variety Trials – Preliminary Yield Data

Harvest of our large-scale winter canola variety trials at The Dalles, Oregon; Mansfield; and Ritzville is complete, and we have one spring canola trial (Reardan) left to harvest after finishing at Walla Walla and Ralston. The preliminary yield data can be viewed on the WOCS website. When making variety selection decisions be sure to consider herbicide history, weed control needs, yield goals, crop rotation, residue, and other factors specific to your farm. Historical yield data from trials in Washington, Oregon, and Idaho can be found on the Production Information page of the WSU-WOCS website, as well as an updated list of PNW seed suppliers.

Harvest Loss Pans Available for Canola Harvest

The WSU-WOCS project purchased harvest loss pans that are available to borrow during harvest. We have one each for John Deere and International combines. The most common recommendation during harvest of canola is to “slow down” yet several other machine settings besides speed can result in upwards of 150 pounds of seed lost per acre. That equals not only monetary loss but an increase in potential volunteer canola. The drop pans are attached beneath the combine and released from the cab with an electromagnetic switch while harvesting. The chaff is then separated from the seed, the seed weighed, and calculations made for seed loss per acre. This is a very effective method for knowing how much seed is being lost out the back of the combine and making adjustments to limit that loss.

If you have any questions about variety selection or are interested in borrowing one of the pans, please contact Karen Sowers at or by phone at 808-283-7013.
Washington State University