WSU Extension enters small grains future

March 2014, Wheatlife 

by Scott Yates

Eastern Washington wheat farmers who stood at railway sidings 100 years ago listening to Washington State University (WSU) educators conduct seminars from the back of flatbed rail cars wouldn’t recognize the school’s latest delivery system, but the goal is the same.

It should come as no surprise that the effort to revitalize Extension’s role as the trusted source of small grain agricultural information is computer-based. The surprise may be that it took so long to create the one-stop web presence grain farmers could easily access.

Rich Koenig, associate dean and director of Extension, said for many years the organization’s emphasis was on survival and preserving core areas. It was only after emerging from five years of drastic budget reductions that the unit has been able to pull out of its downward spiral. Now, Koenig said, the singular question facing Extension is how best to communicate the enormous content that has been amassed by WSU researchers and educators. Read more here.

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