WSDA Online Resources for Organic Farming

The Washington State Department of Agriculture Organic Program has published several new resources to assist anyone considering organic farming or who has questions about the Organic Certification Process.

Newly featured is an Organic Certification Video Series that includes overviews of the steps to certification, recordkeeping requirements, and preventative practices for crop producers. The videos were filmed in Washington State an are available in English and Spanish.

Another useful feature on the site is the Organic Certification Fee Calculator that calculates the cost of organic certification for one’s business. The cost depends on the crops grown and whether one is a farmer, processor, handler, or retailer.

There is a page that lists allowable materials for organic farming, plus information on developing a system plan for one’s farm.

It’s well organized and easy to navigate, so take some time to browse and explore the possibilities for your business!

For questions or comments, contact Diana Roberts via email at
Washington State University