“Where We Are with Wireworms” Podcast

Paperboy_1400-300x300Recently, Aaron Esser was interviewed by Scott Yates, director of communications at the Washington Grain Commission for an update on wireworms. In episode 26 of the Wheat All About It! podcast, Esser talks about where we were and where we are today thanks to the great strides WSU researchers have made in understanding and controlling wireworms in Eastern Washington.

Listen to episode 26, Where We Are with Wireworms, and don’t forget to subscribe to the Wheat All About It! podcast on iTunes. Search for Wheat All About It. A summary of podcasts, including many highlighting WSU researchers is available at the WGC website: wagrains.org.

For questions or comments, contact Aaron Esser by email at aarons@wsu.edu or Scott Yates at syates@wagrains.org

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