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Weeds Are Coming: Do You Know What Invades Your Field?

Posted by Blythe Howell | February 5, 2019

Weeds, not just a five-letter word!

Weeds continue to be one of the top limiting factors in annual crop production worldwide. On WSU’s small grains website, we try to give you the latest information for weed management. The most common weeds and supporting pdf’s with information about that weed can be found under the weed resources tab. Information on weeds such as Italian ryegrass (the bane of PNW growers, especially Palouse producers, existence), Horsetail New, prickly lettuce, jointed goatgrass, and much more are available.

Did you know we have glyphosate-resistant Russian thistle and 2,4-D resistant prickly lettuce in Washington State? What remains the most effective herbicide for field bindweed? What crop plant is a direct relative to Jointed Goatgrass? Visit the Small Grains Common Weeds List to find out.

Prickly lettuce.
Italian Ryegrass.
Photos courtesy of Joseph M. DiTomaso, University of California – Davis.

Steve Van Vleet.
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