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Wheat and Small Grains

Weed Identification Services

The WSU Small Grains team provides a weed identification service where your specimens from your small grains field may be identified by a professional weed science Extension specialist. There is no charge.

Weeds are identified by flowers and fruits/seeds. Leaves, stems, buds, and roots may also aid in identification.

Digital Identification Method:

Digital images may be taken by cell phone or digital camera, but the best method for creating digital images of your specimens is with a flatbed scanner. Please include a ruler, coin, etc. in your image for determining scale. Digital images of your specimen should be emailed to:

Physical Identification Method:

To submit a physical specimen, place the sample in a sealed zip-lock bag with a DRY paper towel and mail to: Small Grains Extension, Washington State University, PO Box 646420 Pullman, WA 99164-6420

Along with your physical or digital specimen, please include information about:

  • Where you found the plant growing/geographic location e.g. county, city, etc.
  • Description of any aspects of the weed not readily apparent in the sample submitted e.g. odor, growth habit, height, flower color, milky juice, extent of the infestation, associated species, etc
  • Your reason for concern e.g. invasiveness, curiosity, toxicity, etc.
  • Any other information that might be of use.
  • Phone number and email address.

What will I get back?

  • Common name
  • Scientific name
  • Comments regarding the species

Weed control methods are not provided with identification

Responses for both digital and physical identifications are generally done electronically.

Wheat and Small Grains, P.O. Box 646420 Washington State University, Pullman, WA 99164-6420, 509-335-1719, Contact Us
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