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Web-Enabled AMS Sprayer Mix Calculator Now Available

Earlier this year we introduced a handy calculator that uses data from a 1264_rogator_spraying_cornstandard water quality test to determine the amount of AMS to add to your spray tank, in pounds of AMS per 100 gallons of water. The calculator was created as a pdf file and it did not work well on many mobile devices so we put together the AMS Sprayer Mix Calculator which is web-enabled and works on computers and mobile devices.

Like the previous calculator, the new calculator uses the equation developed at North Dakota State University (Nalewaja and Matysiak, 1993) to determine the required amount of AMS needed to neutralize the effects of cations in the water on glyphosate activity. Adding more AMS than called for to neutralize the effects of cations may improve glyphosate activity by providing extra N that helps weak acid herbicides like glyphosate pass through cell membranes. The addition of 8.5 to 17 pounds of AMS per 100 gallons of water is generally recommended to improve glyphosate activity. Liquid forms of AMS are equally effective if used at equivalent rates.

Give the new AMS Sprayer Mix Calculator a try and see what you think. Questions may be directed to Drew Lyon at (509-335-2961).

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