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Training Tools Related to Integrated Pest Management and Fumigation

Posted by Blythe Howell | July 25, 2017
In early 2017, researchers and industry partners at Kansas State University held a three-day training focused on integrated pest management (IPM) and fumigation safety training for small grain growers. The workshop produced nearly 20 presentations on topics ranging from IPM tactics, insect id, understanding pest life cycles, and the importance of proper sanitation as well as detailed information on pesticide safety and proper protective equipment. These training tools are available at the Food Security & Nutrition Network website, with videos and copies of associated PowerPoint presentations near the bottom of the page.

These resources may be useful to growers in the Pacific Northwest as well who wish to get more information on IPM or fumigation safety. All of the resources are freely available for download and/or viewing online.

David Crowder
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