Soil Health Workshop Coming Soon!

As a complicated bioecological system, soil is a living system with an abundance of diverse bacteria, fungi, and other microbes. Healthy soils provide a healthy physical, chemical, and biological environment for optimal crop growth.

Soil health is dynamic and can be degraded or improved with time as a result of nature processes and soil-crop-water management by humans. Soil degradation causes soil organic matter, fertility, structure, and biodiversity to decline. As a result, crop productivity can decrease, crop diseases and weed problems can increase, and environmental quality can suffer. We can build soil health through good management practices, such as no-tillage or reduced tillage, residual management, cover cropping, healthy roots, etc..

Workshop Information

The Healthy Soils in Eastern Washington – The Foundation of Healthy Farms workshop will be held on February 8. Hosted by WSU Farmers Network and Wheat & Small Grains Dryland Cropping Systems will deliver in-depth knowledge to an audience on soil health.

In-depth topics include:

  • soil health testing methods that are useful to document soil health change
  • management options for minimizing water and wind erosion
  • cover cropping in low rainfall dryland cropping systems
  • soil acidification, healthy roots promotes healthy soils
  • partnership opportunities for soil health improvement
  • soil health policy and programs at state and federal level

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We have applied for 8.5 CCA credits.

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