Resources to Manage Herbicide Resistance

Herbicide-resistant weeds are becoming increasingly common in the Pacific Northwest, threatening the economics and sustainability of farming systems. The new Herbicide Resistance Resources page has been added to the Wheat and Small Grains website to provide wheat growers, crop consultants, and others interested in this topic with the latest information and tools from WSU to help manage herbicide resistance.

Herbicide-resistant weed biotypes are selected for and will increase in the population through repeated use of the same or similar herbicides. Italian ryegrass, downy brome, wild oats, Russian-thistle, mayweed chamomile, and prickly lettuce are just a few of the many weed species with biotypes resistant to commonly used herbicides. The resources on this new page will help you understand how herbicide resistance occurs, how to manage weeds to slow the rate of herbicide resistance development, and what to do if you suspect you have a resistant biotype on your farm.

We hope you find this new resource to be of use.

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