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2017 Preferred VarietiesEach spring the Idaho, Oregon and Washington grain commissions publish the Preferred Wheat Varieties brochure.  The document ranks current commercial wheat varieties based on their end-use quality and the 2017 edition has just been published!

The Preferred Wheat Varieties brochure serves the grain industry by providing customers of Pacific Northwest (PNW) wheat with a ranking of varieties they may see in their next purchase.  Varieties are ranked from highest to lowest quality, based on their performance against a known check variety.  Some of the quality parameters that go into the overall ranking are milling and baking performance, grain protein, and test weight.  In order for a variety to end up on the list, it must be evaluated in the quality labs for at least three years.

Because the overwhelming majority of our PNW wheat is exported to customers who demand a high-quality product, farmers can help maintain PNW market share by planting high-quality varieties.  When choosing between two comparable varieties to plant on their farm, growers are encouraged to choose the variety that is higher up on the quality list.

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