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Wheat and Small Grains

Preliminary Results from Organic Production Long-Term Study

A long-term study conducted at WSU evaluated 4 organic cropping systems in the production phase (i.e., past the transition phase). The study also included 2 conventional “check” systems (Figure 1 summarizes each system). The systems were established in 2008 and managed through 2014. Researchers looked at grain yield, grain quality, weed pressure and soil quality parameters in each system.

Data analysis is currently ongoing but graduate student Nicole Tautges has teased out some preliminary results.

Winter wheat yields in the organic systems receiving poultry manure were equal or higher than to winter wheat yields in conventional systems (Figure 2, Tables 1 and 2)

Spring wheat yielded comparably in organic systems receiving poultry manure and in conventional systems. (Figure 3, Tables 3 and 4).

Stay tuned for more results, including findings on weed control, soil N and C content, and organic matter.

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