One gene good; two gene better

December 2013, Wheatlife

by Scott A. Yates

WSU’s next generation Clearfield varieties play catch up with two-gene releases

Will the release of two, two-gene, herbicide tolerant varieties from Washington State University (WSU) reinvigorate the fortunes of the Clearfield technology?

Although the No. 1 variety in Washington for the last three years has been ORCF 102, an Oregon State University (OSU) herbicide-tolerant cultivar, its acreage may have peaked. It’s estimated that Washington farmers planted 234,508 acres of 102 in 2013, enough to keep it in first place, but down from 320,269 acres in 2012. The same trend is in evidence for its cousin, ORCF-103, which has fallen from its peak of 118,406 acres in 2012 to 81,850 acres in 2013. Read more

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