New Herbicide Comparison Tool Now Available

As herbicide active ingredients age and lose patent protection, there tends to be an influx of generic products in the marketplace. As the list of herbicide trade names grows, it can be difficult to keep track of what active ingredient or ingredients are in all of these products. This is where the new Herbicide Comparison Tool can help.

The Herbicide Comparison Tool allows you to search by trade name or active ingredient and to find herbicide products that contain the same active ingredients. The Herbicide Comparison Tool contains information on herbicides registered for use in wheat, pulse crops, fallow, and canola in the state of Washington.

The Herbicide Comparison Tool is one of several decision support tools found on the Wheat and Small Grains website. Be sure to check out the other tools after you give the Herbicide Comparison Tool a try. Please send your suggestions for improving the tool to Drew Lyon.

A Word of Caution:

When using the Herbicide Comparison Tool, users should be aware that just because two herbicides contain the same active ingredient or ingredients does not mean they are equally effective. Differences between formulations, possibly including the use of different carriers and surfactants, can affect efficacy and compatibility with other products. Product labels may also differ between herbicides with the same active ingredient(s), so labels should always be read before use. The level of product support provided by manufacturers may also differ and this should be considered in addition to price.

For questions or comments, contact Drew Lyon by email at or by phone at 509-335-2961.
Washington State University