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New Bulletin Published on the Wheat Head Armyworm Complex

Posted by Blythe Howell | June 12, 2017

A newly published Extension Bulletin, PNW696, is titled “Integrated Pest Management for the Wheat Head Armyworm Complex in the Pacific Northwest.”

Since 2005, the wheat head armyworm has caused intermittent damage to wheat and barley crops in the PNW.

The two insect species found responsible were initially dubbed the “true” and “false” wheat head armyworms. As these species are closely related, we now refer to them as the wheat head armyworm complex (WHAC).

This publication covers identification, biology, and integrated pest management for WHAC. We emphasize pest monitoring and field scouting methods, and also discuss natural insecticides.

Authors are Diana Roberts, WSU Extension; Silvia I. Rondon, OSU Extension; Peter J. Landolt, USDA-ARS.

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