“Meet Mr. Northwest Wheat Quality, Doug Engle!” Podcast & Variety Testing Brochures

Episode 74 of Wheat All About It! features USDA-ARS Physical Science Technician, Doug Engle.

Join Scott Yates, director of communications and producer relations for the Washington Grain Commission in, Meet Mr. Northwest Wheat Quality, Doug Engle. In this episode, Scott and Doug discuss Doug’s time at the ARS including his time devoted to analyzing the quality of wheat varieties, variety brochures, and what dough tells him about end-use. Doug’s quality assessments are used to assign a quality classification (from unacceptable except for customer-specific uses to most desirable) to all wheat varieties, which can be found in the newly released 2017 WSU Variety Testing brochures and the annually released Preferred Wheat Varieties Pamphlet.

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