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AFPC Decision Aids

Available Tools: Yield Update and Base Acre Reallocation & PLC/ARC Decision Aid

Agriculture Policy Analysis System (APAS)

Available Tools: APAS Sample Farm, APAS Custom Farm. Payment Yield Calculator, Base Acre Reallocation

Farm Bill Yield Calculator

Excel calculator that calculates simple average yield, 90% of the simple average yield, and the resulting PLC yield.

FSA Base Reallocation Calculator

FSA Base Reallocation Calculator



AFPC Crop Decision Aids Data Collection Form and Instructions

November 25, 2014

Use the information in this newsletter to collect the data needed to enter for the AFPC Decision Aid. Use one data form for each farm unit. You should create a farm unit in the Your Farm Units area of the web site for each unique FSA#−crop−practice combination in your operation.

WSU Extension Farm Bill Update

September 22, 2014

Previously the farm economic safety net was primarily based on direct payments that were not tied to yields or market prices. If you remember back to the federal legislative debates when the Farm Bill was being designed in 2013, the primary issue driving the legislative process was budget reduction. Therefore the new 2014 Farm Bill commodity programs, which are a significant departure from past legislation, are designed to provide farmers with an effective safety net while also reducing federal budget expenditures.

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