Lessons learned

October 2014
By Trista Crossley

According to Paul Porter, this year’s AgVentures NW/JR Miller strip trial in Ritzville was a true demonstration in farming.

“We don’t always get it right,” he said. “A plugged drill stopped us from getting all the data that we wanted. We had already made the first pass before we figured it out.” Because of the planting problem three varieties—Otto, SY 107 and Roslyn—were unable to be harvested and were left out of the results.

Of the seven varieties that were harvested and tested, WSU 8143 Curiosity was the highest yielder at 42.93 bushels per acre with LCS 10-1073 coming in a close second with 42.88 bushels per acre. All varieties were tested for falling numbers with the lowest, OSU’s Bobtail, clocking a 341.

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