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Author: Blythe Howell

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Australian Weed Seed Control with Michael Walsh

Prior to his seven-week stay in Australia, Drew Lyon interviewed Michael Walsh about Australian weed seed control.

“WSU’s Randy Fortenbery Paints a Troubling Economic Picture in Hopeful Colors” Podcast

Episode 102 of Wheat All About It! features agricultural economist Randy Fortenbery from the Crop and Soil Sciences Dryland Cropping Systems team. Join Scott Yates,…

Wheat Quality Development in the Western Wheat Quality Lab with Doug Engle

Drew Lyon interviews Doug Engle from the USDA-ARS who works, for the time being, at the Western Wheat Quality Lab. Join us as we interview…

Low Soil pH: To Lime or Not to Lime

In the PNW, the average pH in the top 12 inches of soil declined from near neutral to lower than 5.7 by 1984 after years…

How Mice Contribute to Wheat Flavors with Alecia Kiszonas

In this episode of the WSU Wheat Beat podcast, Drew Lyon interviews Alecia Kiszonas about how mice contribute to wheat flavors and the Denver Museum…

A Day in the Life of a Plant Diagnostician with Rachel Bomberger

Join Drew Lyon as he interviews plant diagnostician Rachel Bomberger thought the ins and outs of diagnosing a plant sample in the WSU Plant Pest…

All About Alpha-amylase & Low Falling Numbers with Camille Steber

In this episode of the WSU Wheat Beat podcast, Drew Lyon interviews Camille Steber all about alpha-amylase and low falling numbers in wheat.

Grasshopper Damage in Winter Canola

Timely topic by WSU Small Grains Regional Extension Specialist in integrated weed management and agriculture Dale Whaley about grasshopper damage to winter canola.

Herbicide Resistance & Jointed Goatgrass with Jeanette Rodriguez

Join Drew Lyon as he interviews grad student Jeanette Rodriguez about herbicide resistance and jointed goatgrass.

Italian Ryegrass Management in Eastern Washington

Italian ryegrass (Lolium perenne L. spp. multiflorum (Lam.) Husnot), also known as ryegrass or annual ryegrass, is an introduced cool season, annual or biennial bunchgrass…
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