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Problems with Low Falling Numbers in the 2018 Crop

The 2017 crop brought a much-appreciated relief from the low falling numbers problems of 2016. Unfortunately, some farmers are experiencing problems with low falling numbers…

Hessian Fly Resistance with Mike Pumphrey

Drew Lyon interviews Mike Pumphrey about Hessian fly.

Herbicide-Resistant Weeds with Ian Burke

Drew Lyon interviews Ian Burke about herbicide-resistant weeds on this episode of the WSU Wheat Beat podcast.

WSU-WOCS Canola Variety Trials – Preliminary Yield Data

Harvest of our large-scale winter canola variety trials at The Dalles, Oregon; Mansfield; and Ritzville is complete, and we have one spring canola trial (Reardan)…

The Western Wheat Quality Lab with Craig Morris

This week on the WSU Wheat Beat podcast, Drew Lyon interviews Dr. Craig Morris, director of the Western Wheat Quality lab on the WSU Pullman…

Developing Malt Barley Varieties For Craft Beers with Kevin Murphy & Graham Lilly

In this weeks episode of the WSU Wheat Beat podcast, Drew Lyon interviews WSU Barley breeder Kevin Murphy and local microbrewer and owner of the…

Ultimate Weed Management Checklist

Herbicide resistance is a growing issue in the Pacific Northwest and around the country and globe. In the past couple of years alone, we have…

Decomposition Rates & Soil Conservation with Nathan Nielsen

This week Drew Lyon interviews graduate student Nathan Nielsen about decomposition rates in winter wheat.

Long-term Agroecosystems Research (LTAR) Discussion with Dr. Dave Huggins

Drew Lyon interviews Dave Huggins about LTAR (Long-term agroecosystems research).

Soil Microbiology & Agricultural Sustainability with Tarah Sullivan

Drew Lyon interviews Dr. Tara Sullivan about soil microbiology and agricultural sustainability on this episode of the WSU Wheat Beat podcast.
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