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Peroxisomes and Drought-tolerant Wheat with Andrei Smertenko

On this week's episode of the WSU Wheat Beat podcast, Drew Lyon interviews Andei Smertenko about peroxisomes and drought-tolerant wheat.

WSU Variety Testing Program 2018 PNW Crop Tour Schedule

The 2018 crop tour season will soon be starting and provides opportunities to view field trials and interact with Washington State University personnel and others…

Glyphosate and the Soil Microbiome with Tim Paulitz

Drew Lyon interviews Tim Paulitz all about glyphosates in this week's episode of the WSU Wheat Beat Podcast.

New Video on Integrated Weed Management

A new video titled, “Integrated Weed Management with Ian C. Burke” is now available on the Wheat and Small Grains website. Integrated weed management (IWM)…

Soilborne Root Pathogens with Tim Paulitz

On this week's episode of the WSU Wheat Beat Podcast, host Drew Lyon interviews Dr. Tim Paulitz, Research Plant Pathologist with the USDA-ARS Wheat Health…

Permit Still Needed to Exceed 25 PSI for Use Restricted Herbicides

Last summer, the Washington State Department of Agriculture proposed rule changes for Use Restricted Herbicides such as 2,4-D, 2,4-DB, 2,4-DP, MCPA, MCPP, MCPB, and dicamba.…

Plant Problems & The WSU Pullman Plant Pest Diagnostic Clinic with Rachel Bomberger

Join Drew Lyon as he interviews our very own Rachel Bomberger about the Plant Pest Diagnostics Clinic in Pullman, Washington.

“The Call of the Road, River, and Rail: Casavant Talks Transportation” Podcast

Episode 65 of Wheat All About It! features agricultural economist and a WSU veteran of 50 years, Ken Casavant. Join Scott Yates, director of communications…

All About Sustainable Farming Systems with Dave Huggins – Part 2

This week's episode of the WSU Wheat Beat Podcast is part two of Drew Lyon's interview with Dave Huggins all about sustainable farming systems.

Planning for Spring Planting: Wireworm Management in Cereal Crops

With spring planting just around the corner, producers should be considering their management approach towards wireworms and other insect pests. Wireworms, which have larvae that…
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